The 2nd annual Shanghai Willy's Summer Fair will take place on Aug. 25th.  The day will consist of many activities for young and old.   Here is a schedule of the events:
9:00 am: A pancake breakfast put on by Gary & Yvonne MacDonald (they make home made maple syrup.) Candy Mountain bridge.
9:30 am: The raft race (Lawrencetown Lake--Candy Mountain Bridge)
12:00-4:00: Bennett Park--Many events:

  1. Coconut Shy
  2. Village Pillory (our politicians will be in attendance)
  3. Golf Chip game
  4. Wellie boot throw
  5. Face painting with the Cookes
  1. Kids Bike Decorating Contest (prizes

for 11 & under; 12 & up.)

  1. Pie Competition: Submit a homemade pie for judging.
  2. Flower Arrangement Competition: Submit an arrangement from your garden.
  3. Horseshoe tourney begins at 2:00.
  4. Tug of war at 3:00.

The barbecues will be going providing hot dogs & pop during the afternoon.

A family dance with live band
Timeless will be on from 7:00 until 11:00.  Tunes old and new and some you've never heard before will be played.  Come and fling a wicked hoof (you may want to practice your slap the mosquito dance too.)
Last years fair was a great time.  We look forward to seeing you there.

NSYCC Surveys & Bird/Bat Project

Our N.S. Youth Conservation Corps crew will be going door to door conducting surveys.  They have negotiated an excellent price on water testing and septic pumping.  They will also be informing you about their

summer projects which include building 122 bird/bat nesting structures.  Please take the time to listen to what they have to say and respond to their survey.  They've worked hard this summer also doing garbage cleanup and park work.

$4671 from Toronto Dominion Bank!

We require volunteers to hang and tape the drywall in our new community building.  If you can help out please contact Martin

Tanner at 829-2121 or Grant MacDonald at 430-6854.

You may have noticed a large pile of fill sitting in the middle of the proposed grassy area at Bennett Park for a long period of time this summer.  We were about to move this pile while we had the excavator rented in July.  Just as we were about to spread it somebody noticed a little bird flying in and out of the side of it (about 4 feet off the ground.)  We took a look and it was a

mother Dark Eyed Junco sitting on her 4 eggs.
The eggs hatched in early July and all 4 chicks have left the nest. 
The little bird and her nest ended up costing us approximately $500 as we had to bring another excavator in to finish the job.

We raised $470 on our last bottle drive.  Thanks to all who supported it with either bottles or cash donations.  This has been a

very successful fundraiser for us over the last couple of years.

We will be putting up a sign in Bennett Park listing the corporations and government agencies that have assisted with our Bennett Park project.  The sign will list the companies who have provided in-kind and financial support.

We could still use some more financial support in order to complete some of the recreation facilities within Bennett Park (ie. Beach Volleyball & Skateboard Area.)  If the company you work for can assist please contact Grant MacDonald at 430-6854 or via e-mail at

For 2001, you can rent the sign ($10) for messages by calling Karen Webb at 829-2983 (24 Deerwood Drive.)
The web site contains contact information for executive and committee members.

Our e-mail distribution list is now up to 146 names.  If you want to be kept up to date with what is happening in your community please send an e-mail to:

Wayne Babin from the community has put in over 200 hours of excavation work into the park.  He accomplished a lot within those hours and we appreciate his time and assistance.
The back side of Bennett Park is very boggy.  One Sunday night early on the project Wayne was doing some work along the trail when all of a sudden the excavator started sinking

quickly (remember quicksand in those old Tarzan movies.)  The excavator sank into the bog up to its windows.  After a few hours of propping the excavator up on each side we managed to get it out.  This area of the trail will be blocked off and will forever be known as "Babin's Bog."  Wendy Whitman has created a couple of signs that will be put up to warn people to keep out.

Tax Receipt for Donations

Some people have asked about tax receipts for making donations to the MCA.  With our membership with the Nova Scotia Trails Federation we are able to provide them.  To make a donation you would send a cheque or money made out to the N.S. Trails Federation to:

Michael Haynes
Executive Director Nova Scotia Trails Federation PO Box 3010 South
Halifax, N.S. B3J 3G6
Make sure you specify somewhere that the donation is in behalf of the MCA. 

Anybody wanting to play some pickup basketball is welcome to show up Sunday nights (6:00)  for the rest of the summer at our new basketball court (when the nets are up.)  We'll pick teams

based on who shows up and play anything from one on one to five on five.

There have been a few attempted and unfortunately successful breakins in the Mineville area over the past few months.
Remember the basics of neighbourhood watch. Talk to your neighbours. Know who lives in the community. Keep your property secure.  Report all suspicious activity to the Cole

Harbour detachment of the RCMP. Make it obvious we are looking out for each other.  If you give criminals an inch they will take as much as they can get. Don't let them think Mineville is an easy target.  If you want more information on the Neighbourhood Watch program, contact Keith Manuel at 829-2626 or e-mail kl.manuel@ns, or keith.

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