MCA Auction--April 28th

We are having our 2nd annual auction at GTO's Dining Room and Lounge in Penhorn Mall on April 28th.  Viewing of the items will begin at 6:00 and the auction will start at 6:30.  We already have many great prizes to auction.  Here is a sample of some of them:

  1. Two airplane tickets to Montreal courtesy of Carson Wagonlit Blenus Travel on Portland Street.
  2. An autographed Robert Bateman wildlife print.
  3. A Easton bat bag, glove, batting helmet, bat, and ball from General Mills.
  4. A $100 gift certificate from Conrad Brothers. 
  5. An overnight stay at the Falcourt Inn (B&B) with $50 dinner.
  6. A free sitting fee with photographer Patricia Gillingwater ($95 value.)

  1. Autographed Mooseheads hockey stick from Play it Again Sports.
  2. A 3 month family membership at Cole Harbour Place.
  3. A 6 week membership to Nubody's.
  4. A Nokona baseball glove.

And many other things.  A complete list including all the sponsors will be sent to the people on the e-mail list a couple of days before the auction.  Or you can pick one up at our next general meeting on April 26th (more on that later.)

We still need more items to auction.
  If you can help out please contact Karen Webb at 829-2983.  The funds raised are going towards park development within the community (ie. trails, basketball court, etc.)

$30,433 Funding from HRDC!

HRDC has approved funding of $30,433 towards our Bennett Park Project.  The funding also includes 4 workers (1 supervisor for 12 weeks; 3 workers for 10 weeks) which has a $15,456 value (total support is $45,889.) 
This funding is to be used to put a building in the park.  Having a building in this park has the following benefits:

  1. It will provide a canteen facility to sell ice cream, juice and snacks over the summer months.  It should employee 2 youth of the area this summer.  Hopefully more in future years.

  1. It will provide washroom facilities for people who use the park.
  2. It will provide utilities like electricity and water for community events (ie. summer fair, Christmas bon fire, etc.)
  3. It will provide a room for our summer students (ie. youth corps, HRDC student, etc.) to work out of.  Last year they had to work out of the Lake Echo Fire Hall which was not convenient for the work they were doing.
  4. It will provide a room for small group meetings.

Easter Egg Hunt--April 14th

The events committee is organizing an Easter Egg Hunt for Saturday, April 14th at 9:30 am at Partridge Nest Park.  All children

aged 8 and under are welcome to come out and search for the eggs.

$625 Funding from N.S. Trails Federation!

We have been awarded $625 from the NSTF for signage for our trails.  Each one of our parks will be getting a new sign(s).  Thanks to Wendy Whitman who did a great job putting this proposal together for us.

Our membership in the NSTF has allowed us to have charitable status, obtain trail advice, find a great crew for our trail development, and be kept informed about other trail projects in the province.

Bennett Park

Our volunteers and work crew have done a great job with Bennett Park.  The first loop of the trail, skateboard area, basketball court, building, and road way have been cleared.  Our 3 man work crew consists of John Faulkner, Bill Dwyer and Michael MacLean.  We are very fortunate to have 3 excellent workers.  We couldn't find a 4th worker and have asked HRDC to see if our guys can work an extra 6 weeks.

We had over 1900 hours offered by community residents for the development of Bennett Park.  We have accumulated 200 hours already despite the bad winter we've had.
Work will be continuing on
most weekends.  Or, if you have time during the week please feel free to stop by and help out our crew.

N.S. Youth Conservation Corps & Supervisor Jobs

We have applied to the N.S. Dept of Environment Youth Conservation Corps program to hire 4 youth for the upcoming summer.  This is a 9 week position that starts in July and runs until the end of the August.  The job will include water and septic education, waste management, and the building of bird and bat nesting boxes and platforms (more on that later.)

We have also applied to hire a supervisor through HRDC to manage this crew, help manage the Bennett Park project, help organize the summer fair, etc.
Anybody interested in these positions should contact Grant MacDonald at 430-6854 (cell.)

Community Dance--May 26th (Lake Echo Fire Hall)

We will be having a dance at the Lake Echo Fire Hall from 9:00 to 1:00 on Saturday, May 26th.  Tickets can be purchased at the

door for $5 each.  DJ services are being provided by Mineville resident Kevin Murphy, owner of KSM Entertainment.

Bird & Bat Habitat Restoration

We have applied to Environment Canada's EcoAction program, the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Canada Trust Friends of the Environment program for funding to build the following bird nesting structures: 40 bat houses; 40 generic bird houses, 8 loon nesting platforms, 10 barred owl nests, 4 eagle/osprey platforms and 30 wood duck houses.

These nesting structures will be distributed throughout the parks and crown land throughout the community.  Dave Peralta, Terry Bond & Murray Mason have volunteered to build the prototypes and cut the wood to spec for the youth corps to assemble and install.

HRDA Award--Excellence in Cooperation

The MCA is proud to announce that we won the Halifax Regional Development Agency's Excellence in Cooperation award. 

The plaque will look great hung on the wall of our new building.

In-Kind Support--Many Great Companies

We have many great local companies who are giving their support to the development of Bennett Park and our building:

  1. Bluenose Well Drilling is donating a free well drilling (value $4700.)
  2. Conrad Brothers: 30% off of rock, sand, etc. (at least a

$5000 value.)

  1. Paul Scott Construction is constructing the building for us for free (approximate $2000 value.)
  2. Keith Bourn is donating electrical services ($690 value.)
  3. Fraser Construction is donating excavation work.

Misc: Web Site, E-mail List, Sign Rental, Summer Fair

Our e-mail distribution list is now up to 122 names.  If you want to be kept up to date with what is happening in your community please send an e-mail to:

For 2001, you can rent the sign ($10) for messages by calling Karen Webb at 829-2983 (24 Deerwood Drive.)
Clive is starting plans for the summer fair.  Come to the next general meeting for details.

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Mineville Community Street Sale--Saturday, May 12th 9:00-1:00

Our 2nd annual community street sale is being held on Saturday, May 12th from 9:00 to 1:00.  Sell your own yard sale items from your home.  There will also be 2 MCA locations.  One will be at Partridge Nest Park and the other will be at 124 Candy Mountain Road.  The community tables will be selling perennials, Mineville T-Shirts, hot dogs, pop and any other items residents are able to donate.  The perennial sale was

very successful last year (we sell small ones for $1 and large ones for $2.)  We would appreciate if you could put aside a few of your divisions for the community tables over the next few weeks.
If you have items or perennials to donate please contact Wendy Whitman at 829-2121 or Cindy McKay at 829-2775.

Funding Application--N.S. Sports & Recreation & HRM

We applied for funding to the N.S. Sports & Recreation and to HRM for funding towards the development of Bennett Park.  Because of all the great volunteer and corporate support we have, we were able to ask for a significant amount of funding.

Watch your e-mail for details in the upcoming weeks.

Funding Application--Go for Green

We applied for funding to Recreation N.S. Go for Green program to put fitness stations along the trail at Bennett Park.  Thanks to

Cathy Graham & Wendy Whitman for their help on this application.  More on this in the upcoming weeks.

Ecco Enviro Consulting--Thanks!

In order to receive funding from HRDC we had to have a Phase One Environmental study done of the land at Bennett Park.  Dana

Boutilier of Ecco Enviro Consulting donated this service to us.  To pay for this service would have cost us close to $2000.


We needed to purchase tools and supplies for our work crew to perform their work at Bennett Park (ie. shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.)  Chris Lighthall with Piercey's managed to save us about $300 off the regular price for these items.

All the signs that have been installed and all future signs that will be installed were done so with the lumber Piercey's donated last year (over $1000 worth of wolmanized 4'x4'.)

Treasurer Needed

We have 1 opening on the MCA Executive at the upcoming meeting.  Martin Tanner has done a great job at this position for the past year and a half, but prefers to put his time and focus on the parks and trails committee.  Martin has been down working on the park practically every weekend since mid-January.  He will remain on the executive as a director.

This leaves an opening on the Executive for Treasurer.  This would involve producing monthly statements, payroll, attend monthly executive meetings and all that other treasurer type stuff.
Anybody interested should contact one of the executive members listed under contacts.

MCA Contacts

President: Grant MacDonald 829-3420
Vice President: Clive Jones 435-2751
Treasurer: Martin Tanner 829-2121
Secretary: Denise Pellerin 829-2577
Events Planning: Clare O'Brien 829-3699
Web Site: Guido Schneider 829-2291
Fundraising & Sign: Karen Webb 829-2983
Environment: Rick Giffin 829-3904
Neigh Watch: Keith Manuel 829-2626

Director: Doug Colson 435-0725
Director: Bob Pierce 829-2100
Director: Murray Mason 829-2911

Director: John Rogers 462-7804
Director: Karen Cooke 829-3552
Walking Club & SALTSCAPES: Paige Giles 434-3255       

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