As mentioned in previous newsletters, we are going to start development of Bennett Park (HW107/Mineville Road) in January.  This park will include a 1 acre grassy area, a trail, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court and a skateboard area.  How much of that gets done will depend on how much we do ourselves and how much funding we receive.  We are going to build as much of this park ourselves for a couple of reasons:

  1. The more we do ourselves, the more money we will have to pay for materials, equipment and special skills that we don't have within the community.
  2. Any effort we put into it ourselves counts as the in-kind portion of our funding application.  The more real or in-kind funding that we have, the more we can ask for from the provincial funding program.  The most we can ask for is 1/3; maximum $30,000 (ie. we would have to show $60,000 first.)

To date, we have approximately $15,000 in the bank and we have over 500 hours of volunteer time committed.
If you are willing to volunteer to help build this park, we need to know how many hours you can
commit to by January 28th for a one-year period starting Feb. 1.  Youth are encouraged to donate time as well. 

If you have specialized skills that you can donate (landscaping, chainsaw, concrete work, heavy equipment operation, etc.) you are worth the going rate for that skill.  The going rate for non-skilled labour (moving brush, putting down topsoil, etc.) is $7.50 per hour.

Here are some more examples of in-kind contributions that would help this project:

  1. Any discount or donation of equipment is also considered in-kind and worth the value of that service.  This could be excavation equipment, trucking, tools, etc.  Paul Pierce of our community works for Atlantic Rentals and will be assisting us with this project.  If your company can help as well, please let us know.
  2. Any discount on materials will also count towards the in-kind portion of our application.  For example, if we needed $3000 worth of topsoil and we received it for $2000, that would be a $1000 in-kind donation.  Some of the materials that we will require include concrete, topsoil, pavement, gravel, sand and fill.

Our funding application must be submitted to the province by February 1.  Please contact Grant MacDonald by January 28th at 430-6854 (cell) or via e-mail if

We will be having a dance at the Lake Echo Fire Hall from 9:00 to 1:00 on Saturday, January 27th.  Tickets can be purchased at

the door for $5 each.  DJ services are being provided by new Mineville resident Kevin Murphy, owner of KFM Entertainment.

Compaq Canada Corporation has donated $2000 to the Mineville Community Association which will go towards the trail portion of Bennett Park.
If you know of a company that may be willing to make a dona

tion towards this park please let us know.  The MCA will put together a letter for you.  All corporate donations will be mentioned in this newsletter, on a sign within the park and on our website.  This will include in-kind contributors as well.

Compaq Canada Corporation has donated the use of their Metro Centre skybox for the February 16th Mooseheads Game.  The first pair were won as a door prize at our last general meeting.  We have 4 pairs (8) tickets left.  We will be raffling off 3 pairs of these tickets (see attached sheet.)  The family that sells the most tickets will win the 4th pair.  If you plan on selling them, make

copies of the attached sheet and return them to Grant MacDonald at 55 Dempster Crescent or Karen Webb at 24 Deerwood by January 27th.  The draw will be made at the dance on the 27th.
The skybox includes free beverages, ordearves in the first period, hot dogs in the second period and a hagan daas ice cream in the third period. 

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