Mineville Post Office History

Postmaster/Mistress Appointment Date
Alexander S. Crook Sept. 15th. 1883
Alexander D. Crook Oct. 21st. 1922
Gertrude L. Crook (Acting P.M.) May 09th. 1944
Gertrude L. Crook Nov. 17th. 1945
Edward A. Miller (Acting P.M.) Aug. 14th. 1947
Edward A. Miller Oct. 08th. 1947
Alfred E. Coombs (Acting P.M.) Jan. 02nd. 1948
Alfred E. Coombs Jan. 23rd. 1948
Mary G. Coombs Mar. 26th. 1955

These Post Offices located in the homes of the residents came to an end in 1960 with the introduction of a mail courier delivering to individuals mailboxes on the sides of the roads.
(courtesy of the Ocean Breezes Interpretation Centre)