Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                  November 22, 1999

Fall Newsletter


MCA Inaugural Meeting

The Mineville Community Association (MCA) had its inaugural general meeting on

Wednesday, November 3. Approximately 75 people were in attendance at the meeting

and the feedback was excellent. Since this meeting our executive has been hard at

work working on a number of different items. We have produced this newsletter to

provide you with an updated status of where things are to date and what things we have

coming up. We will be having another general meeting in February to have the executive

elections and to present to the community an update on the various projects.

Christmas Lights Competition

We are having our first community event. The Christmas Lights Competition will be a

fun event that will be judged on 2 categories: traditional & festive fun.

Judging will take place on Dec. 19th starting at approximately 6:00 PM. A ‘T’ or an

‘F’ marker approximately 1’ X 1’ should be predominantly displayed (visible from the road.)

Traditional means lighting your home and/ or garden with lights and static displays.

Festive fun means creating a Christmas light display that is amusing and inventive.

The use of animation is encouraged. Generally it will require more display elements

than traditional. Please remember that your ability to purchase a spectacular

display is not being tested, but your use of imagination and Christmas spirit.

MCA Youth Meeting

As mentioned at our inaugural meeting we intend on including the youth of the area in

the event and facilities planning. We are having a meeting with the youth of the Mineville

area on December 2 at 7:00 PM at the Lake Echo Fellowship Baptist Church. The

feedback from this meeting will be used to help decide what events and facilities (ie. a

rollerblade/skateboard area, basketball courts, etc.) are a priority with the youth in the area.

Web Site

You can now connect to our temporary web site location at the following address:


This newsletter and any information in regards to events going on in the community

will be posted here. The internet address listed above is temporary. We are looking

for a donation of web space from a local Internet service provider. If you can help

please let us know.

Mineville Area History

Any history buffs out there? We would like to post information about the history of

Mineville on our eventual web site. This could involve digging up information at the

public archives in regards to when we were founded, how much gold was found in the

mines, old pictures of the area, etc. Also, if some of the long time residents of the area

have old pictures or information on the area please let us know (see page 2.)

Logo Contest

Calling all artists! We are having a contest where we will give prizes to the person

who designs the best logo for the MCA. You can enter as many times as you like

and the contest deadline is January 24th. The logo should probably reflect the history

of the area (gold mining) and it should be… cool. It should also look good on a hat or

T-shirt. Please submit contest entries to any member of the MCA executive (see page 2.)

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

As mentioned at the general meeting we would like to have a

Welcome to Mineville sign put up at each entrance to Mineville.

These signs could be either a painted sign or a routed sign. If

you are handy with a paint brush or a router and are willing to

volunteer to make the signs please contact a member of the MCA

executive listed at the bottom of this page.

We have also spoken with the Department of Transportation in

regards to the Minesville sign at the Lawrencetown entrance to

Mineville. For 911 reasons we have asked that this sign be

changed to Mineville at their earliest possible convenience.

Since snow removal is their primary focus at this time of year

this will probably be done sometime in the new year.

As also mentioned at the last general meeting Mr. Hendsbee has

donated a sign that is currently located at the mailboxes on the

Mineville Road. It will be used for posting community information,

upcoming community events, etc. If you have a message

that you would like to have posted on the sign you can do so by

contacting Martin Tanner (see below.) To help pay for the letters

there will be a $10 charge for any non-community related messages.

Membership has its privileges

Just a reminder that if you want to have a say in what happens in

the community and want to vote in executive elections you need

to become a MCA member. If you want to become a member ,

we would like you to fill out a questionnaire so we know what

areas you are interested in. There is also a $3 per family annual

membership fee. If you are interested in joining you can do so

by contacting a member of the executive listed below.

Tree Lighting Ceremony (14 Days in December)

There will be a tree lighting ceremony on December 1 at 7:00 pm

at the Lake Echo Community Centre. There will be carol singing,

hot chocolate, tea, coffee and donuts. We hope to see many

members from the Mineville community in attendance. If you

can provide donations of outside lights please contact either:

Rosemary Morse at 829-3661 or Mary Ellen MacIsaac at 829- 2338.

Many thanks to:

Rev. Frank Kohler for allowing us to use the Lake Echo Fel-

lowship Baptist Church for our last general meeting.

Companies and people providing door prizes for our general

meeting: (Compaq, Kodak, Triple A, Denis Mondoux (stain glass)


Some of you have received this newsletter via electronic mail.

This is our preferred method of getting information out to the

community for the following reasons:

1. It’s cheaper as we don’t have to pay for photocopying charges.

2. It’s better for the environment as we don’t have to make as many copies.

3. It’s faster as we don’t have to spend time getting copies

made and then look for volunteers to hand deliver them.

If you did not receive this newsletter via e-mail and you have an

e-mail account, please forward your e-mail address to:


If you don’t have an e-mail account and are willing to help distribute

the newsletter in your neighborhood or provide photocopying

please call Sandy Belliveau (see below.)

MCA Executive (Acting)

The current MCA Executive is as follows

•President: Grant MacDonald 829-3420 grant.macdonald@compaq.ca

•Vice President: Clive Jones 435-2751 clivej@netcom.ca

•Secretary: Sandy Belliveau 829-2450

•Treasurer: Martin Tanner 829-2121 whitman.signs@ns.sympatico.ca

•Planning (events): Clare O’Brien 829-3699 s-c.obrien@ns.sympatico.ca

:•Planning (facilities): Doug Colson 435-0725 dcolson@istar.ca

•Web Site: Guido Schneider 829-2291 echolink@istar.ca

•Director: Bob Pierce 829-2100

•Director: Murray Mason 829-2911

•Director: Karen Webb 829-2983

•Director: Karen Cooke 829-3552 bart.cooke@ns.sympatico.ca