Volume 1, Issue 1
July 12, 2002


Community Cleanup Day – July 6

Our N.S. Youth Conservation Corps crew have been hired by the N.S. Department of Environment. The 2 members are Tabby Taylor and Jacob Thompson along with Julie Eldridge and Andrew Christianson (hired through HRDC) organized a community cleanup day on Saturday, July 6th from 10:00 until 2:00. Thanks to HRM and Clean N.S. for providing garbage bags, brochures, posters, etc. and to HRM for providing a truck to pick up the garbage. Thanks to Bill Bourque and Joel Harnish for allowing the use of their pick-up trucks to haul garbage from the various locations. Our summer students will continue to cleanup the community throughout the summer. Please help them out by picking up any garbage you see along the streets. It’s up to us to keep Mineville clean.

NSYCC – Children (5-12) Nature Awareness

Our summer students will be organizing nature sessions for children aged 5-12. They will run every Tuesday from 10:00 until 11:00 at Bennett Park starting on July 16th. These sessions will include nature walks, nature focused arts & crafts (ie. bird feeders) and whatever else the crew comes up with. These will run for a 6 week period ending August 20nd. If your child will be attending these sessions please let Julie Eldridge know (see contact info.) That way they will know how much supplies, etc. they will require.

These sessions are free.

Shanghai Willy’s Summer Fair – August 24th

Our 3rd annual summer fair will be held on August 24th. The raft race will again be held on Lawrencetown Lake and games for children & adults will be held at Bennett Park. We also hope to have an outdoor dance during the evening. Volunteers are needed. Please contact Clive Jones or Julie Eldridge if you can assist (see contact info.) Details regarding this event will be forthcoming in another newsletter this summer. If you have suggestions for our fair please pass them on.

NSYCC – Water Testing & Septic Pumping

Once again this summer the MCA and the NSYCC will be organizing a bulk water testing discount. It is recommended that you test your water often, so we encourage everyone to participate. The NSYCC crew will be going door to door to register community members for this service. We are again offering testing for coliform, arsenic and both

coliform and arsenic. If you wish to have your water tested for other minerals and bacteria please inform us. Pricing for each to follow. Any questions please feel free to contact Julie Eldridge (see contact info.)

Building Near Ready - Cabinet Maker Needed

We are getting closer to getting our building finished. Councilor Colwell is putting in the C3 Septic system for us and the summer students will be doing a lot of painting, decorating, etc. We need somebody who can put in cabinets (simple design.) If you can help please contact a member of the executive.

This Issue’s Sponsor – Bryan Burgess/Sylvia Large

Thanks to Bryan Burgess & Sylvia Large of Royal Lepage for sponsoring this issue of the newsletter (see middle page of newsletter.) The cost for this is $50 and it completely covers our photocopying and mail charges. If interested in sponsoring future newsletters please contact any member of the executive.


Web Address & Community E-mail Distribution List

Our web address is:


On there you will find pictures from community events, area history, other links (ie. Mineville Weather, local businesses, etc.) Our community e-mail distribution list is over 200 names. E-mail to grant.macdonald@hp.com to be included.

Asian (Chinese & Vietnamese) Delegation Visit – June 19th

We had special visitors from China & Vietnam on June 19th to come hear about and see our community. They came to N.S. on a Canadian International Development Agency ("CIDA") project. The delegates were councilors, deputy mayors, etc. from their community’s. We’ve heard that they enjoyed their visit and we certainly enjoyed hosting them. They seemed to appreciate how natural and beautiful our community is (they were snapping a lot of pictures.) Thanks to Frank Kohler (and his son) for letting us use the church again. Thanks to Karen Cooke for organizing the sweets. Thanks to the following people for making the sweets: Diane Lachowiez, Marie Kennedy, Jeanette Gould, Donna Hollister-Smith, Clare O’Brien, Tina Bocking, JoAnne Colson, Karen Webb, Shelley Higgins, Beverly BoisJoli, Cathy Graham, Janet Sutcliffe, Jane Venoit, & Barbara Schneider

They commented how it was nice to have home-made food (they were delicious too.) There was some left over in which we donated to the Lake Echo Food Bank.

Thanks to Cathy Graham for being the "nature guide" and to Karen Webb, Clare O’Brien, Julie Eldridge and Lori Mitchell for helping out with the building setup. Guido also made up signs in Chinese and Vietnamese welcoming them (they were all getting their pictures underneath them.) Councilor Colwell was there to give them some HRM pins and we gave each of them a Mineville T-shirt. Photo’s are on the web site. Thanks also to Kevin and Paula MacDonald for performing at the welcome reception at Saint Mary’s University on Monday evening.

Mineville T-Shirt Sale – 2 for $15

We want to sell our remaining Mineville T-shirts and are selling them at a price of 2 for $15. These are a high quality 100% cotton Gildan T-shirt. This price is pretty close to what they cost. If you are interested please contact Guido Schneider (see contact info.)

Bennett Park Playground Work Party

We may be organizing a work party for the playground equipment for Bennett Park sometime in the next few weeks. We will be assembling the equipment under the guidance of a CSA approved playground installer. Watch the message board (and e-mail) for dates and times.

HRM Event Funding - $250 for Shanghai Willy’s Summer Fair

Thanks to the HRM event division for giving us $250 towards the running of Shanghai Willy’s Summer Fair. This will help pay for supplies required to run the fair.

Mineville Road Speed Limit – Reduce or keep as is?

Some residents have expressed a concern over the 70KM speed limit on Mineville Road. To have it reduced to 50KMPH, a petition would have to be organized (as a first step.) Before that is done we would like to get a general feeling as to your feelings on the matter. Please let an executive member know what you think.

Werner Park Playground – Design Chosen

The tender for the playground at Werner Park (Stoney Creek Drive) has been finalized. Timbertec has been awarded the contract. The design includes a ship, a working lighthouse (solar powered) and a fisherman’s wharf. It’s pretty neat! The playground should be installed by the end of August. We’ll keep you posted once the date is finalized. A work party may be required to do some raking of pea-stone, planting trees, etc. A notification via e-mail will go out if necessary.

Thanks again to the HRM Parks Planning Division and Councilor Keith Colwell for funding and supporting this project. Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. will enjoy this playground.

NSYCC – Adopt a Bird House Program

In sustaining the wildlife in our community, birds are an integral part of the ecosystem. Last year in an effort to maintain and increase the bird population the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps installed 132 birdhouses throughout the community. In order for the birds to continue to use these habitats, after each "season" they must be cleaned to eliminate the growth of harmful toxins. We are looking for volunteers/families to "adopt" a birdhouse. The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps will provide instruction on how to clean your "adoptee". Each participant will be given a number of a birdhouse and its location. We ask that you clean it after they have been vacated (mid August). If you are interested in participating please contact Julie Eldridge (see contact info.)

Local Music Lessons – Kevin MacDonald

Fellow resident Kevin MacDonald is offering music lessons from his home this summer. Details are as follows: I have 20 years professional experience as a musician and 15 years experience teaching music. I have a degree in music and am accomplished in many styles. I have performed and/or directed for Neptune Theatre, Mermaid Theatre of NS, Grafton St Dinner Theatre, The Stephenville Festival, Feast Dinner Theatres, and have been a writer and arranger for bands like the Jive Kings (ECMA 2000 and 2001 winners) and KILT (ECMA nominees) and I have numerous recording credits. I will be giving lessons on guitar (acoustic, electric and classical) bass and mandolin. I believe that music is supposed to be fun and that with a bit of work anyone can learn to play. If you or any friends or family members are interested in learning to play music this summer please call me at 462-5816 or email me at kmacd@accesswave.ca


Message Board on Mineville Road (Lawrencetown Side)

We have a message board to be installed on the Lawrencetown side of the Mineville Road. We need a volunteer to organize the installation. The summer students can assist with the installation. If you can help out please contact a member of the MCA Executive.

Bennett Park – Grassy Field – Rock Removal

There are still some small rocks on the grassy field at Bennett Park. If you are using the park please take a couple of minutes to remove some rocks (you can put them in the woods.) This will allow the grass to grow in a lot better. If everybody removed 20 rocks per park visit the rocks would be gone in very little time.

Mineville Community Association