Volume 1, Issue 1
March 25, 2002

Spring Newsletter

$30,000 - Playground at Werner Park
We will be receiving $30,000 from the HRM capital budget this year towards the playground at Werner Park (a ship design.) Thanks to Councilor Colwell and the HRM Parks Planning staff for their support. We have applied to a few other funding sources as well for this project. We'll keep you posted.
$10,000 from Councilor Colwell
Our Councilor Keith Colwell has given us $10,000 towards building a bridge joining the 2 Candy Mountain Islands (Middle Park.) Design of this bridge will be worked out sometime this spring.
$4,500 - Southeastern Community Healthboard
Our funding application to the Southeastern Healthboard for fitness centric child play equipment was approved for $4500. We will be installing some climbing equipment and a lower 3-way basketball hoop in Bennett Park this spring.
Bottle Drive - Thursday, April 11th
We will be having another bottle drive on Thursday, April 11th at 6:00 pm. If you and/or your children can assist with this please contact Karen Webb at 829-2983. If you think of it please leave your bottles by curbside. The last bottle drive in January raised $482. Thanks for your support!
Auction - April 27th at GTO's (Penhorn Mall)
Our 3rd annual auction is being held at GTO's dining room and lounge on April 27th. Viewing of the items will begin at 6:00 pm and the bidding will start at 6:30 pm. Funds raised will be used towards the playground at Werner Park and the bridge at Middle Park. Keep the date open and come out for a good time with friends. We need more prizes for the auction. Prizes can include crafts, baked goods, services, etc. If you can assist please contact Karen Webb at 829-2983 or via e-mail. Karen can also provide a letter requesting a donation. This has been our most successful fundraiser in the past raising $4000 in 2000 and $5000 in 2001. Thanks for your support.
Bennett Park Thank You Sign Additions
Unfortunately, we missed a few sponsors on our Thank You sign at Bennett Park. ECCO Environmental had donated a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment ($1400 value), Wayne Babin with B&B Towing donated many hours of excavation and assisted with the excavator repairs and Rick Giffin with CBCL Limited donated engineering work. Fortunately, we left room on the sign to add these 3 companies along with the Southeastern Community Healthboard. The change to the sign will be made sometime in the Spring. Also, thanks to Wayne Babin with B&B Towing was has graciously been ploughing the driveway at Bennett Park for the community.
Candy Mountain Road Sign & Broken Curbs
We have spoken to the Department of Transportation and Public Works ("TPW") and they will be putting in a new Candy Mountain Road sign sometime in the next few weeks. TPW will also be fixing any of the curbs that were broken over the winter sometime this summer.
Next General Meeting - May 23rd at 7:30 pm
Our next general meeting will be held at 7:30 pm at the Lake Echo Fellowship Baptist Church. We will review the projects that we have on the go (playground, bridge, etc.), upcoming events, etc. Executive elections will also be conducted on this night. This is 1 of only 2 meetings that we hold per year. Come on out to find out what is happening in your community.
Middle Park Day (Candy Mountain Islands) - May 4th
We will be having a Middle Park day on Saturday, May 4th at 10:00 am. This will be to fix up the trail on the first of the 2 islands. This will include chipping up loose brush, placing the chips along the trail and any other trail work that needs to be done. Bring your wheelbarrow, pitchforks and rakes. We will provide hot dogs and beverages for lunch.
Easter Egg Hunt - March 30th
Our 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place at Partridge Nest Park at 9:30 am on March 30th. All children in the community aged 8 and under are welcome to come and search for eggs. This event will be held rain or shine.
Summer Jobs - N.S. Youth Conservation Corps & HRDC
We have applied for 2 positions to the N.S. Youth Conservation Corps ("NSYCC") program and for 1 person through the HRDC summer grants program. The NSYCC positions are for 9 weeks starting in July and are open to youth between the ages of 17 and 24. The 1 HRDC position will be responsible for managing the youth corps crew and will be assisting with community related projects (ie. Playground, bridge, etc.) This position will be for 14 weeks. Notification of approval for these positions will be announced later in the spring.
Looking for Shipping Donator
The playground equipment that we will be purchasing will be shipped from Simcoe, Ontario. Shipping costs for this stuff is fairly expensive. If anybody in the community has a connection to a shipping company that may be able to help us out, please contact somebody on the executive. A shipping donation like this would save us a few hundred $$$.
Interior Building Painting & Trim Installation - Thanks!
Thanks to Lori Mitchell and Scott MacKinnon for painting the interior of the building. Thanks to Dave Peralta for putting up the trim in the building.
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