Volume 1, Issue 1
November 02, 2000

Fall Newsletter

Candy Mountain Island

The purchase of the 2 islands (7 acres) off Candy Mountain Road was approved on October 10th by HRM council. Thanks to our councilor—Mr. Keith Colwell—for making this deal happen. This is a significant purchase on our behalf as the cost was just over $50,000 (including taxes.) The islands are located to the left as you enter Candy Mountain Road from the Mineville Road (between the 2 bridges.) This is a beautiful piece of parkland.

We will be fixing up the existing trail on Saturday, November 25 at 9:00 AM providing the deal is completed by then (clean up dead wood, put down wood chips, etc.) Hertz Rentals will be letting us rent a wood chipper for a heavily discounted price of $100. We’ll keep you posted through e-mail and the sign.

This park from now on will be known as Middle Park after one of the gold veins.

Community General Meeting (November 30)

We are having a community meeting on Thursday, November 30th at the Lake Echo Fellowship Baptist Church (the first left when entering Mineville from HW107) starting at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00.)

The agenda will include information around park plans, upcoming events, Neighborhood Watch, etc. The park that will be receiving the most attention over the next few months is Bennett Park (corner of HW107/Mineville Road.) You should have received a draft of the plan for this park along with our last newsletter. The plan is to put a trail, a building, a basketball court, a skateboard area, a grassy area, etc. on this land. This meeting is important to either confirm your support for this park or for you to express any concerns/questions that you may have.

The deadline for applying for funding from the province is February 1st. We will need to know before then what in-kind support we have from the community.

Heating Oil (Save 4 cents per litre or more)

The MCA has worked out a deal with an oil company to save 4 cents per litre on your home heating bill. If you are interested please contact Jo-Ann Chinn at 829-2805 (e-mail afchinn@ns.sympatico.ca) or Grant MacDonald at 829-3420 (e-mail grant.macdonald@compaq.com. If we have enough residents interested, we may be able to save 5 or 6 cents per litre. Please let us know by November 12th.

We hope to facilitate other bulk discounts in the future for other services.


There will be an article on Mineville in the November/December issue of Saltscapes magazine. Saltscapes is a magazine dedicated to coverage of the things that make Atlantic Canada special.

As a community partner, the MCA can sell subscriptions to people interested. The cost is the same as if you bought it direct from them ($22.95 per year including taxes), but the MCA receives a $10 commission. Also, residents who order it will have their MCA membership covered for 2001.

A subscription would be a great Christmas gift for any friends or relatives who no longer live in Atlantic Canada.

Christmas House Decorating

We will be having our 2nd annual Christmas House Decorating contest this year. Like last year, we will be having a bonfire and complimentary hot chocolate and donuts on the judging night.

More details will be forthcoming at the general meeting.

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

The Welcome to Mineville signs are now up at both entrances. Thanks to Wendy Whitman of Whitman Signs for doing such a beautiful job. Also, thanks to those who helped put the signs up (check web site for some pictures.)

Just a reminder that the community sign can be rented for non-community related messages for $10 per message. Contact Martin Tanner (see below) if you would like to rent it.

Some of the letters for the community sign have been stolen and some of have been broken. We have to use community raised money to replace them which takes money away from other community projects (like events and park development.)

Halloween Party

We had approximately 200 people attend the Halloween Party at Partridge Nest Drive on October 27th. It was a perfect night for the event: warm, no wind and a light fog to add for the spooky feel. A great job by organizers Clare O’Brien, Karen Webb, Cindy McKay, Yvonne MacDonald and Lisa Myatt. Thanks to Karen Cooke and friends (Tyler & Kelsey van der Rijt, Tabby & Jesse Taylor, Jacob & Alex Brown, Alyssa & Kimberly Bocking) for putting on the funny skit, thanks to Cathy and Erin Graham for doing the fortune telling table and thanks to Shanghai Willy (Murray Mason) for making an appearance.

HRDC Funding

We have applied to HRDC for funding towards putting a community run building at Bennett Park. This building would be used to sell ice cream in the summer months, provide facilities (washrooms, water, fridge, stove, etc.) for community events, and provide a small meeting room for group meetings. For our application, we have fantastic support from local companies like Bluenose Well Drilling (donating a free well drilling over $4000 value), Candy Mountain Farms ($1000 worth of landscaping), Keith Bourn ($690 worth of electrical work), K&M Lumber, and Fraser Construction.

Funding from HRDC is currently on hold. We’ll keep you posted if anything new develops.

Frog Lake Road Cleanup (NS Youth Conservation Corps)

Our N.S. Youth Conservation Corps crew and Paige Giles did a great job organizing the Frog Lake Road cleanup project. We had approximately 50 volunteers from the community (and MP Peter Stoffer) show up to perform the cleanup. Approximately 7 tons of garbage was collected. We are still waiting for the metal to be picked up (James Wournell of Lawrencetown has been taken away some of it for us.) The surveillance cameras are in place to help us catch any further dumpers. Thanks to Environment Canada’s EcoAction 2000 program and the NS Department of Environment for their support.


E-mail & Web Site

All the items in this newsletter and more are things that community residents who are on our e-mail distribution list, already know about. If you have an e-mail account and want to be added to the MCA distribution list please send an e-mail to grant.macdonald@compaq.com.

Visit our web site to view pictures from our various events:


MCA Executive

The current MCA Executive is as follows:

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