Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                  July 21, 2000

Summer Newsletter

Shanghai Willy's Summer Fair @ Mineville

Shanghai Willy's Summer Fair will be held on the Strawberry Field on Candy Mountain Road, 26 th and 27 th of August.

The fair will be a variety of old fashioned games befitting the Shanghai Willy theme, contests and children's games. In order to host the fair volunteers will be required to run the various attractions.

To effectively run this old time country fair event, approximately 75 people will be required to work 2 hours each. This figure does include volunteers for the Pillory for wet sponges in the face, this is only a 20 minute stint.

Specific volunteers are required for safety boats for the raft race on Saturday, 2 more boats are also required. 2 first aiders are needed for this event as well. First aiders will also be required for both days at the Strawberry Field. These may be covering other stalls, which could be closed as neces-sary. This would serve to reduce the total number of people required.

We invite people to bake blueberry pies for the pick n' bake stall and flower arrang-ers to submit their arrangements from their own gardens for judging.

Contributions for the 'Pickles and Pre-serves' and White Elephant stalls are also required. White Elephant contributions should be Objets d'art or curios. Contribu-tions not sold may be returned afterwards if required.

5 people will be required to assist at the Youth dance on the Saturday night. Part of this will be to ensure the field is clean for Sunday's events. On completion of the fair at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday and a clean up crew is required.

The fair is being staged to benefit the whole community and needs a lot of support to make it a success. Please give a little of your time to make it work. If you can please contact Clive Jones at 435–2751 or Paige Giles at 434-3255.

N.S.Y.C.C. Meeting— July 25th

The 4 members of our Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps (NSYCC) crew have been hired. Our 4 crew members are Ryan Sutcliffe and Jeremy Cormier of Mineville, Josh Smith from Chezzetcook and Donnie MacDonald from Antigonish.

Our crew has cleaned out an area along the river down by the Mineville bridge, remov-ing debris that has been clogging the flow of the river, thus, hopefully, making it eas-ier for fish to travel up and downstream dur-ing spawning season. They have also been working on other projects and have other projects coming up.

To find out more, the Mineville NSYCC crew are having an information session on Tuesday, July 25th at 7:30 PM at the Lake Echo Fire Hall for community residents interested in learning about the environ-mental issues concerning Mineville.

This is a good way to come in and see what the crew is doing to improve the environ-ment in the community.

Auction ($4000)

The MCA auction held in May raised over $4000 towards park development in the community. Over 160 people turned out for what ended up being a great evening.

Thanks to Karen Webb and the fund raising committee members for organizing this event and to all those companies & resi-dents who donated items.

Funding from HRM ($5000)

Our councilor, Mr. Keith Colwell has given us $5000 which we will also be using to-wards developing Bennett Park this year (see attached plan.) Details as to where this will be spent are forthcoming.

Frog Lake Road Cleanup

The NSYCC crew are organizing a cleanup of the Frog Lake Road area on the 29th of July. The time is set for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will be free t-shirts and a barbeque (free hot dogs and pop!) for everyone who helps out for the day. For information call 829-2090 or 452-8873.

Surveillance cameras will be purchased in the next few days and will be installed along Frog Lake road. These will be used to report to the RCMP any person who dumps garbage along this road. Thanks to Environment Canada's ECOAction 2000 for providing over $8000 of funding.

If you see any suspicious activity along this road please report it to the MCA.

Bottle Drives ($1000)

We have held 3 bottle drives over the past few months and they have raised a little over $1000 combined. Thanks to all of you who have held on to your bottles or have made dona- tions during this fund raiser. We will be having another bottle drive sometime in September.

Bennett Park Plan

Attached to this newsletter is a copy of the park plan for Bennett Park (11 acres at the corner of the Mineville Road/HW107.) As you can see the park has something for residents of all ages and interests. We are hoping to put a grassy area in this year and may try to get the trail put in this year as well. We hope to have the trail paved eventually to make it wheel chair accessible and to give residents a safe place to rollerblade.

How soon the facilities in this park are built will depend on how much we can do ourselves, how much money we raise and how much funding we receive. If you can help out in any of these areas please contact one of the people on the contact list at the bottom of the page. A soccer field and a baseball field will not be built in the near term as they are very expensive to build.

We are also currently working on a proposal to HRDC to put a canteen type building on this land this year. If we receive fund-ing, it will be used to provide jobs to local youth to sell ice cream during the summer months and it will give us washrooms and facilities for running community events.

Any support that you can provide is appreciated.

Mineville Yard Sale ($1100)

The Mineville Yard Sale was well attended by people from out-side the community. The 2 community tables (one on Candy Mtn and one on Partridge Nest) raised over $1100. Thanks to those who donated perennials and other items to the MCA.

Millennium Trees—Tree Canada Foundation

We received 2000 White Spruce Trees from the Tree Canada Foundation. Everybody in the community should have received at least 3 trees. Pictures of the delivery crew will be on the web site soon. If you took a picture when you planted the tree please submit it to be included on the web site.

MCA 1000 km Walking Club

Just a reminder for you to join the walking club. To register you need to contact Paige Giles (see contact information.) If you are not already a MCA member for this year, you will need to pay the $3 per family membership fee. You will be provided with an area map showing the # of kilometers for each walking route along with a log sheet for you to fill in after each walk. After you have walked (or jogged) 1000 KM's total you will receive a T-shirt with the MCA logo and 1000 km Walking Club on it.

MCA members of all ages are invited to participate.

HRM Event Funding ($1000)

We have received $1000 of funding from HRM for Shanghai Willy Fair. This funding will be used to pay for items and ser- vices required for this event (youth dance, raft race insurance, materials, etc.)

Secretary Wanted

The MCA needs a secretary for the executive. The position in- volves taking meeting minutes, filing proposals and attending executive meetings once per month. If you are willing to volun-teer for this position please let us know.


Many of the items mentioned in this newsletter are already known by residents on the MCA e-mail distribution list. If you would like to receive regular updates as to what is happening in the community, please send your e-mail address to: grant.macdonald@compaq.com.


Please feel free to let any member of the MCA Executive any suggestions that you may have to make Mineville a better community.

Raft Race Challenge

Some residents from Dempster Crescent are putting in at least 1 raft entry in the raft race as part of Shanghai Willy's Fair. We challenge other areas of the community to participate. This is your chance to dress up like a pirate, the SS Minnow crew, SS Titanic, or whatever theme you want to choose. A trophy will be awarded to the fastest raft (rafts must follow the guidelines men-tioned on our web site) and to the "best dressed/theme." Water squirters are allowed as well.

Mineville Community Sign

The Mineville Community Sign can be rented for $10 for non-community related events. Considering the cost of a greeting card, this is a pretty good deal. It also helps recover our costs for its maintenance. If you would like to put a message on the sign, contact Martin Tanner at 829-2121.

Web Site

Check out our web site at: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/CommunitySupport/Mineville/.

There are photos there from past events, contact information, area maps, etc. If you have old pictures of the area please let us know as we would like to scan them in and put them on our web site.

Corporate Donations (Fundraising)

Many companies reserve funding for helping out community groups like ourselves. To assist in our developing of parks and trails in our community it's important that we check with the companies that we work for to see if they can help with our up-coming projects. For example, a recent flyer from N.S. Power indicates that they have funding available for employees for things like building playgrounds in their community. The MCA will put together a letter for you if you have any leads in regards to this. The community will be notified about all companies supporting our park development via an e-mail and through our newsletter. We have some companies who are already offering their support for the development of Bennett Park which we will mention once this project gets rolling.