Spring Newsletter Addendum 1


MCA Auction— May 13th

Our first major fund raiser - a merchandise auction— will be held on May 13th at Dave Doolittle's pub (the old Steak & Stein.) We have lots of great prizes. Some of them include an autographed hockey stick from former NHL all-star and Canadian Senator Frank Mahovlich (thanks Mr. Peter Stoffer), an overnight getaway to the Falcourt Inn, Ray-Ban sunglasses from Eastern Optical, gift certificates and many, many other prizes (close to 65 prizes are in already with more to come.) If you have a prize that you can donate to this function please contact Karen Webb at 829-2983 or Karen Cooke at 829-3552.

Viewing of the items starts at 6:00 pm and the auction itself starts at 6:30. Tickets are $5 each which gets you a beverage and 10 chicken wings as well as entering you in the draw for door prizes.

We will also be selling our new Mineville Community Association T-shirts for $15 each. These are a heavy duty 100% cotton shirt with our new logo on it.

Funds raised from this fund raiser is being used towards the development of the recrea-tion park at the corner of HW107/Mineville Road (basketball courts, skateboard area, beach volleyball, paved walking paths, etc.)

HRDC Job— Summer Recreation Manager

We received funding from HRDC to hire a university student for the summer to man-age the youth conservation corps, organize community events, and assist in fund rais- ing. We are pleased to announce that Paige Giles from our community has been hired to fill this position and will start on Monday, May 8th.

Community Yard Sale Changed to June 3rd

When we originally chose the date of May 27th for the yard sale the Bell Park Fun Fair was scheduled for May 6th. The date of the fun fair was recently changed to May 27th. Since many of our volunteers also help out with the fun fair we have changed the date of the community yard sale to June 3rd. We will be choosing a couple of locations for community tables. If you don't plan on having your own table consider volunteer-ing to work at one of these tables. More details in regards to this will come out in the next couple of weeks. Don't forget to put aside some of your perennial divisions.

NSYCC Job Application Deadline

It looks like we may have 4 positions for youth aged 17 (this year) to 24 for the N.S. Youth Conservation Corps. These positions will be based in the community and will start on July 4th and will continue on for a 9 week period. The deadline for applications is May 19th.

Any youth interested should send their re-sume, cover letter and the application form

from http://www.gov.ns.ca/envi/dept/ess/ ycc/apply.htm to Heather Gordon at

NSYCC, N.S. Dept of Environment, P.O. Box 2107, 5151 Terminal Road, Halifax, B3J 3B7.

East Preston Enviro-Depot

The MCA has set up an account with the East Preston Enviro-Depot. If you drop off your recyclables here, you can have the value donated to the MCA. So far, we have raised over $500 with the 2 bottle drives that we've had. We will be having another sometime in the next few weeks.

Surveillance Cameras— Frog Lake Road

As many of you know, we have a problem with people dumping their garbage along Frog Lake Road. We are pleased to an-nounce that we have received approval from Environment Canada's EcoAction 2000 program for the purchase of surveillance cameras and recording equipment to record any body who dumps along this community trail. Any persons dumping will be reported to the police by the MCA. The EcoAction 2000 program also covers 1/4 of the NSYCC salaries who will be organizing the community cleanup of the trail. Total value of this funding from the provincial and fed-eral governments is almost $15,000 (approximately $6000 & $9000 respec-tively.)

Bert Fredericks

As many of you already know, Mr. Bert Fredericks from Candy Mountain Road passed away last month. He and a few others were responsible for cleaning up and taking care of the old Mineville Cemetery. If you remember how run down the old cemetery was a few years ago you can see that he did a fine job. He was also well known for the beautiful rock walls that he built around his property. Our 1 st park bench will have an engraved plate on it dedicated to his memoriam.

Charitable Status

We now have charitable status through our registration with the N.S. Trails Federation. Any donation made to the MCA of $10 or more is eligible for a tax receipt. Ninety percent of the dona-tion goes towards MCA trail projects and the other ten percent goes to the N.S. Trails Federation. A tax receipt will be sent to you directly from the N.S. Trails Federation.

If you would like to make a donation you can contact Martin Tanner at 829-2121.

Corporate Donations

The following corporate donations of materials or in-kind serv-ices have been donated:

Piercey's Cole Harbour has donated $1000 worth of 4X4 treated lumber towards sign posts and for the building of park benches.

Rod Kaiser of K&M Lumber will be donating his services to-wards the cutting of any trees that will need to be done.

Paul Fraser of Fraser Construction will be donating excavation time to our park development projects.

Mineville Road/Dempster Path

Thanks to all those who helped out with the building of the foot path providing lake access from the Mineville Road to Lake Echo. We had between 35-40 people from the community help with the building of the path. Check out the web site for photo-graphs from the event.

MCA 1000 km Walking Club

We received $1000 funding towards the purchase of T-shirts for the new MCA Walking Club. To register you need to contact Paige Giles (see contact information.) If you are not already a MCA member for this year, you will need to pay the $3 per fam-ily membership fee. You will be provided with an area map showing the # of kilometers for each walking route along with a log sheet for you to fill in after each walk. After you have walked (or jogged) 1000 KM's total you will receive a T-shirt with the MCA logo and 1000 km Walking Club on it.

MCA members of all ages are invited to participate.

Easter Egg Hunt

Check out pictures from the Easter Egg hunt on our web site.

Park Names (Gold Veins)

We have named the parks as follows after the gold veins: Wad- low Park (Dempster/Mineville Rd.), Werner Park (Stoney Creek), Bennett Park (HW107/Mineville Rd.), Middle Park (Candy Mountain Islands), Vance Park (Mineville Road bridge), and Partridge Nest Park (keeps it's name.) We may be starting work on Werner Park sometime in the next few weeks. More details to follow.

Also, the planning for Bennett Park has begun. More details to follow.

MCA Executive

The current MCA Executive is as follows:

•President: Grant MacDonald 829-3420 grant.macdonald@compaq.com

•Vice President: Clive Jones 435-2751 clivej@netcom.ca

•Treasurer: Martin Tanner 829-2121 whitman.signs@ns.sympatico.ca

•Events Planning: Clare O'Brien 829-3699 s-c.obrien@ns.sympatico.ca

•Director: Doug Colson 435-0725 dcolson@istar.ca

•Web Site: Guido Schneider 829-2291 echolink@accesswave.ca

•Director: Bob Pierce 829-2100

•Director: Murray Mason 829-2911

Director: Karen Webb 829-2983

Director: Karen Cooke 829-3552 bart.cooke@ns.sympatico.ca

Summer Recreation Manager: Paige Giles 434-3255 paigeg@supercity.ns.ca