Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                  March 31, 2000

Spring Newsletter

What is the MCA?

The Mineville Community Association ("MCA") is a registered organization dedi-cated to representing the area residents. Its main goals include protecting and develop-ing community park land, building commu-nity pride and spirit and working with gov-ernment representatives on behalf of the community.

Why do you need a community association?

Many residents expect things like parks and trails will automatically be planned and developed. Not so. An association is required to work closely with the vari-ous government departments to ensure that the designated park land stays as such and to help plan what should be done with each parcel of land.

How do we get funding for developing trails & parkland?

In order to get fund-ing from government departments, it is expected that the community pay a por-tion of the project themselves. This means we have to fund raise if we want parks & trails. It also has to be a commu-nity effort (there's strength in numbers!) The more money we raise, the more we are entitled to ask for. There is also a shortage of parks in our area which should help with our application.

Fund Raising Goal

The Parks & Trails Committee has re-viewed the various parcels of land and has come up with a plan for each one. Since a lot of the feedback forms indicated a desire for recreation facilities, we have decided that raising money towards building a rec-reation park on the 11 acres at the corner of HW107/Mineville Road will be our first priority for fund raising. The plan is to put basketball courts, a skateboard/rollerblade area, skating pond, a grassy area, a beach volleyball area, park benches, shade trees and a hard surfaced walking path for wheel-chair access and rollerbladers. The HRM Parks Planning Division will be working with us on the plan for this parcel of land. Our goal is to build as much of this park as possible in the year 2001. In order to be able to ask for the maximum of $60,000 of government funding we need to raise $30,000 ourselves by this November. This includes in-kind funding. In-kind funding is the value of any labour that we do our-selves. For example: somebody who can handle a chainsaw is worth the going rate for a chainsaw operator. Any donations in materials or equipment time (ie. trucking) also counts towards our portion. We need to know if you're willing to help out and what skills you have. The types of skills that we require include expertise in con-crete, chainsawing, heavy equipment opera-tions, landscaping, manual labour, etc. To see what fund raising projects we have for the next few months check the following pages of this newsletter.

Water Access Park— Mineville/Dempster

A path will be cleared to the lake from the Mineville Road to Lake Echo at the park land just before the first entrance to Demp-ster Crescent. The trail will be cut on April 15th starting at 9:30 am. If you can assist in the chain sawing and moving of brush & wood chips on this day please stop by and help out.

Mineville History 101

Mineville is one of the first gold mining areas in Nova Scotia. Mining was first started in 1861 by William Crooks. The name of the gold mine is Shanghai Mine. The gold veins are named Wadlow, Middle, Bennett, Werner, Belt and Vance. It was voted at the general meeting to name our parks with these names of the gold veins.

Logo Contest Winner

Check out our new logo in the top left hand corner of this page. Congratulations to the winner of the contest: the Cooke/Taylor family of Partridge Nest Drive. Thanks also to all those who participated. We will be selling T-shirt's with this logo on it soon. We'll keep you posted. We also have a new mascot: Shanghai Willy. Named after the name of the mine and after the first prospector William Crooks. You'll be seeing him around as well.

$500 of funding from N.S. Government

We applied for and received $500 from the Nova Scotia Government to assist us with startup costs (insurance, membership fees, etc.) Our MLA, Mr. David Hendsbee also gave us another $100 at our last general meeting.

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

We will be putting up a "Welcome to Mineville"sign at both entrances to Mineville sometime in the next few months. Thanks to one of our local residents, Wendy Whitman of Whitman Signs for putting this together for us. Check out what it will look like at our web site. To assist in the cost of maintaining our community sign, you can post non-community related events for a couple of days for $10. Considering the cost of a greeting card this is a pretty good deal. To rent the sign contact Martin Tanner at 829-2121.

Merchandise Auction May 13th (Fundraising)

We will be having a merchandise auction on May 13th at 6:30 pm at Dave Doolittles (the old Steak & Stein.) We need donations from individuals and corporations towards this fundraiser (vouchers, services, merchandise, gifts, baking, crafts, etc.) Money raised will go towards the development of the recreation areas in our community. For information & tickets contact: Karen Cooke 829-3552 or Karen Webb 829-2983. Or show up at the door!

Mineville NHL Playoff Hockey Pool (Fundraising)

So you think you know hockey? Or you have friends or relatives who think they know hockey. The MCA is organizing a NHL playoff hockey pool (see attached form for details.) The cost of the entries is $15 for one or $25 for two. Contestants will be able to track their progress daily on the Internet. The more entries we sell, the higher the prize money will be (50/50.) If 50 members of the community sell 4 entries ($50), the prize money will be $1250.

Community Yard Sale (May 27th)

We will be having a community yard sale on Saturday, May 27th. The MCA will take care of the advertising for this event. The MCA will have an area setup during this day for a barbecue, to sell donated items and to sell donated perennials. We are ask- ing residents to put aside some of their perennial divisions this year to donate them to the MCA table. We need volunteers with a green thumb or at least know how to recognize plants to help at this table. If you can help out with this please let someone on the executive know. More details in regards to this event will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Easter Egg Hunt

We will be having an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 22nd for kids 7 and under. Watch the mailboxes and the sign for de- tails in regards to this event.

Skating Party— April 2nd Cancelled

Our skating party previously announced for April 2nd has been cancelled.


If you have an e-mail account you will receive more frequent updates rather then the occasional newsletter. If you have e-mail please send your address to grant.macdonald@compaq.com and you will be added to the community distribution list. E-mail is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get information out to the community.

Employment— Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps

We have applied for funding to have 4 youth (ages 17-24) in our area for a 9 week summer job doing environment based projects in our community. We should know whether our application has been approved by mid-May. Any youth that are interested should contact Grant MacDonald and you will be contacted once the applications are available (contact information is on page 4.)

Employment— Youth Corps Supervisor & Recreation Director

We have applied for funding to hire one university student for a 17 week job starting in early May to manage the Youth Conser-vation Corps crew and to help run our upcoming events and fund raisers. Those interested in this position should contact Grant MacDonald (contact information is on page 4.)

Trails— Frog Lake Road and Old Mineville Road

Frog Lake Road and the Old Mineville Road are 2 N.S. Depart- ment of Transportation and Public Works (TPW) roads that are classified as K-class roads. A K-class road is a TPW road that they no longer maintain. Both of these roads are used heavily by area residents for walking, hiking, biking, and cross country ski- ing. Frog Lake Road is just past the bridge on the Mineville Road and the Old Mineville Road runs from Candy Mtn Rd. to Porters Lake. The MCA would like to see these roads stay as trails. The MCA has completed the necessary paperwork re- questing that these roads stay as trails or if there is any develop- ment that we will get a similar type of corridor in replacement.

Frog Lake Road Dumping and Clear Cutting Problem

There has been a lot of concern by area residents in regards to the dumping and clear cutting problem along Frog Lake Road. We have checked with the N.S. Dept. of Environment and unfortu- nately there is not much we can do in regards to the clear cutting problem. But, we have applied for funding to put surveillance cameras at the entrance and along this road that will be used to video tape anybody entering this road to dump their trash. Viola- tors will be reported to police by the MCA. The NSYCC crew from above will be organizing a community cleanup of this area this summer. More details will follow.

Walking Club

We have applied for funding from the Southeastern Healthboard Initiative to create a Mineville Walking Club. A map of the area will be drawn up with the various distances of each walk- ing route. A log sheet will also be created for each person interested to log their kilometers. Residents reaching 1000 km total will be given a T-shirt with our new logo on it and writing stating "1000 km Club".

Web Site

Check out our web site at: http://www.Mineville.ca.
Our webmaster— Guido Schneider— has done a magnificent job. There are photos there from past events, contact information, area maps, etc.
If you have old pictures of the area please let us know as we would like to scan them in and put them on our web site.

Corporate Donations (Fundraising)

Many companies reserve funding for helping out community groups like ourselves. To assist in our developing of parks and trails in our community it's important that we check with the companies that we work for to see if they can help with our up-in coming projects. For example, a recent flyer from N.S. Power indicates that they have funding available for employees for things like building playgrounds in their community. The MCA will put together a letter for you if you have any leads regards to this.

Stoney Creek/Two Rivers Park

We have approximately 13 acres of park land between Stoney Creek Dr. and Two Rivers Rd. On the Stoney Creek Road side we will eventually be putting a children's playground in. We are currently working with the HRM Parks Planning Division into the planning of the rest of this park land. We are hoping to get some funding for this year to put a grassy/wildflower area near the middle of this land. A 50 ft buffer of trees will be maintained between this area and neighbouring homes. If you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to contact one of your MCA members listed at the bottom of this page.

Candy Mountain Islands Park

The MCA has made a request to the HRM Real Estate division to purchase the 2 islands between the 2 bridges on Candy Mountain Road. The MCA feels that this would be a valuable piece of park land for the community and for Candy Mountain Road residents who have almost no existing parkland. But, HRM has many land acquisition projects and this is a fairly expensive one (approximately $44,000.) We will keep you updated as this de-velops.

Nova Scotia Trails Federation

The MCA has joined the N.S. Trails Federation (NSTF.) The NSTF provides technical trail advice to its members and it also gives us charitable status for trails projects. A charitable dona-tion can be made to the NSTF on behalf of the MCA and 90% of the donation would go towards our trail projects. This will be made official sometime in April.

Shanghai Mine Site

The MCA would like to see the mining area and trails going up to the mines preserved as parkland. If anybody has any informa-tion in regards to helping us pursue this goal please let us know. You can see a map of the Shanghai Mine on our web site.

Crown Land on Other side of Lake Echo (2 parcels)

There are 2 parcels of crown land on the other side of Lake Echo that we would like to see stay as park land. We have asked to be notified by the N.S. Department of Resources if there are any attempts in the future for land swaps or develop-ment. The MCA feels this land is important to keep an area for nest- ing loons and other wildlife.

Suggestions or ideas?

If you have any suggestions or ideas for what else the MCA could be doing for the community or in regards to existing proj-ects, please feel free to contact one of your executive members listed at the „about us" section.