Photos of the 1999
Christmas Decorating Contest

and from the party afterwards
at Patridge Nest

The winners are

Traditional: 653 Mineville Rd.
Festive Fun: 9 Tall Tree Court
Honourable mention: 55 Dempster Cr.

We would like thank again the following sponsors:

* Porters Lake Superstore: Manager Darren Matthews
donated gift certificates, donuts and hot chocolate for the event and was one of our judges.
* Open Shutters: Clare O'Brien
donated some beautiful crafts for the contest winners and for the draw.
* Porters Lake Home Hardware:
Donated prizes for the contest winners.
* Cole Harbour Canadian Tire:
Gift certificate donations.
* Triple A Corner Store:
Donation of free video rental, pop and chips.
* Blockbuster Video
Christmas Vacation Video

And many thanks to our judges for taking time out of their busy schedules and braving the cold weather:

1. Lori McKay - Homes Editor for the Daily News
2. Keith Colwell - District 3 County Counsilor
3. Darren Matthews - Manager of Porters Lake Superstore

Thanks to the following people for their effort in putting this altogether:

* Clare O'Brien for having this idea, organizing the event and getting the prizes from the various sponsors.
* Clive Jones for all his ideas and also organizing the event.
* Doug Colson for getting the generator, putting up the lights, decorating the trailer, setting up the fire pit and driving the judges around.
* Cindy McKay for assisting with a lot of the running around and organizing the event.
* Martin Tanner also for assisting with a lot of the running around picking up materials and for posting information on the sign.

Barbeque June 1999